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Shoot The Hooch

Chase the Fall Colors

Quick Details

Flight Up to 2 people

Scenic Aerial Tour over Atlanta’s Fall Splendor and Landmarks in Atlanta, GA

The “City of Trees” is best experienced from an open-cockpit biplane during the Fall season. Let us take you on a special route over the Chattahoochee River to see the leaves changing color. Enjoy the crisp, cool air (from a true-to-life vintage WWII cadet trainer) that gets us all excited about pumpkin spice season.

This first prominent landmark will be the King & Queen building, and from there your pilot will proceed north along the GA400 until it crosses the Chattahoochee. Joining the river from there, we will proceed westbound-then southwest-bound, following the river from OTP (Outside The Perimeter for all you non-Atlantans) to ITP until you reach I-75. From there we will Jump back onto the freeway by following it until we reach “The Battery”, for a pass near Truist Stadium with a fleeting glance of Dobbins Air Force Base, then we will beat all the traffic eastbound on I-285 until we kiss the top of the King & Queen buildings once more, before coming back to land just in time for cocktails at The 57th Fighter Group Restaurant.